42 Habitat Mini-Books (Animals and Their Habitats) Engaging and fun mini-books provide informational text for little learners to read when studying the habitats of the world. These mini-books feature animals in 7 habitats… Continue reading

Yo Ho Ho! A Pirate Unit with Tons of Fun

Avast me hearties, yo ho! Expand yer wee pirates’ learning into an entire pirate unit of classroom fun, with this English Language Arts, Math, and Science bundle just perfect for preschool through second… Continue reading

Phonics Merry-Go-Round Games

I’m excited to announce the launch of my new series of board games that teach phonics: PHONICS MERRY-GO-ROUND games These are for sale at our store at Teachers Pay Teachers. Plus they support… Continue reading


PocketBooks: Small Enough to Fit in a Pocket, Big Enough to Read and Learn! ™ We’re excited to announce that PocketBooks are now for sale at our store on Teachers Pay Teachers! These… Continue reading

How to Fold a PocketBook

PocketBooks are a type of instant book that I’ve designed. They’re fun to make and fold. Plus, they’re fun to read and write in. And did I mention that they’re fun to carry… Continue reading

Writing Workshop

Over the years, I’ve taught numerous classes and writer’s workshops via the telephone. One workshop I’ve taught is how to write a middle grade novel in just one month. It’s based on the… Continue reading

Learning is Fun!

Part of being a child is having fun. And when a teacher makes learning fun for children, the lifelong results are amazing! Recently we learned about an amazing teacher, Mrs. Deanna Jump. How… Continue reading

Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers are so helpful for children (and professional writers!) to use as we brainstorm ideas for writing. For some reason, when I’m exploring the idea phase of a new writing project, just… Continue reading

Creative Center Idea for Classrooms

Want to use a simple strategy to get some wheels turning in the minds of your students? I was browsing through some great teacher blogs when I saw this amazingly creative idea for… Continue reading

Frederick Douglass Changed Our World

Frederick Douglass changed our world! Famous abolitionist on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, Frederick Douglass dedicated his life to bringing an end to slavery…and when slavery officially came to an end, he… Continue reading